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The Accolade - Medieval Legend Painting

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Size: 13x18cm / 5x7 inches


Edmund Blair Leighton - The Accolade Print Poster. Medieval Stories. Legends and myths Painting. HIGH QUALITY PRINT- Step into the romantic world of chivalry with Edmund Blair Leighton's 'The Accolade' print. This enchanting artwork portrays a knight bestowing the accolade, a ceremonial gesture of knighthood, upon a lady, symbolizing honor, bravery, and devotion. Edmund Blair Leighton, known for his meticulously detailed historical paintings, captures the elegance and grace of medieval life in 'The Accolade.' The rich colors and intricate costumes evoke a sense of nostalgia for a bygone era of chivalry and romance. Fun Fact: 'The Accolade' is one of Leighton's most famous works and is celebrated for its romantic depiction of medieval ideals. The painting continues to captivate audiences with its timeless beauty and evocative storytelling." Wall Art, Painting, Fine Art Print, Wall Decor, Home Gallery Wall, Poster, Print, Giclee Aesthetic Art, Historical Art, Medieval Art, Knight Art, Romantic Art.


01Posterstreet's prints are printed on extra quality 200gr paper similar to those you find in museums or art galleries.
The printing technique is the Giclée.
Giclée printing is a system that offers high quality results and durability. It is an inkjet of the highest precision of pigmented inks. Thus obtaining a faithful reproduction of the artwork. Lush colors and details.

Paper thickness: 0.26 mm (10.3 mil)
Paper weight: 200 g/m² (5.57 oz /yd²)
Acid and Lignin-free
Opacity: 98%
Giclée printing


The posters will be sent carefully in a rigid package, previously wrapped in cellophane paper. Proof of careless carriers ;)


Ink: Water-based, non-PVC, 100% non-hazardous, toxin-free & vegan friendly

Paper: Pulp sourced from sustainably-managed forests, plastic-free & low-eco impact, organic cotton

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