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Cimon and Pero - Rubens

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Size: 13x18cm / 5x7 inches


HIGH QUALITY PRINT- Adorn your walls with the captivating narrative of Peter Paul Rubens' 'Cimon and Pero.' This classical masterpiece tells the heartwarming tale of filial devotion and selflessness, rendered with Rubens' signature style and attention to detail. In 'Cimon and Pero,' Rubens brings to life the ancient Roman legend of a father saved from starvation by his daughter's selfless act of breastfeeding him while he was imprisoned. This poignant portrayal reflects Rubens' skill in capturing both the emotional depth of human relationships and the grandeur of classical mythology. Peter Paul Rubens, a renowned Flemish Baroque painter, was celebrated for his dynamic compositions, rich colors, and mastery of light and shadow. His works, such as 'Cimon and Pero,' continue to inspire awe and admiration for their timeless beauty and profound storytelling. Fun Fact: Rubens' studio was one of the most prolific in history, with numerous assistants collaborating on his large-scale works, allowing him to produce an extensive body of work during his lifetime." Peter Paul Rubens, Baroque Art, Mythological Painting, Classic Art, Wall Art, Fine Art Print, Filial Devotion, Roman Legend, Flemish Painter. Fine Art Reproduction | Archival Giclee. HIGH QUALITY PRINT- Fine Art Print- Aesthetics Wall Art. Fine Art Reproduction Print, Room Decor, Home Gallery Wall. Classic Masterpiece, Grotesque art. Museum Poster.


01Posterstreet's prints are printed on extra quality 200gr paper similar to those you find in museums or art galleries.
The printing technique is the Giclée.
Giclée printing is a system that offers high quality results and durability. It is an inkjet of the highest precision of pigmented inks. Thus obtaining a faithful reproduction of the artwork. Lush colors and details.

Paper thickness: 0.26 mm (10.3 mil)
Paper weight: 200 g/m² (5.57 oz /yd²)
Acid and Lignin-free
Opacity: 98%
Giclée printing


The posters will be sent carefully in a rigid package, previously wrapped in cellophane paper. Proof of careless carriers ;)


Ink: Water-based, non-PVC, 100% non-hazardous, toxin-free & vegan friendly

Paper: Pulp sourced from sustainably-managed forests, plastic-free & low-eco impact, organic cotton

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